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  1. RESOLVED: KO'd units not being taken out
  2. RESOLVED: Basic Energy Explosion not locking damage to 1
  3. RESOLVED: Problem with registration
  4. RESOLVED: Log in issues 6/22 @ 2:50 pm ET
  5. RESOLVED: Players unable to join or create matches
  6. RESOLVED: Tournament Payouts
  7. RESOLVED: Trade disabled 6/29/2011
  8. RESOLVED: Players not transitioning back to lobby after a match
  9. RESOLVED: Players unable to bid on auctions
  10. RESOLVED: Players only able to place two objects *RESOLVED*
  11. Participating in more than one match at the same time
  12. RESOLVED: Auctions Unavailable 9/13/2011
  13. Regarding disappearing maps after dropping connection to a match
  14. RESOLVED: Units not appearing to be removed from trade proposal window
  15. RESOLVED: Known Issue - Auctions
  16. RESOLVED: Known Issue - The Atom Range
  17. RESOLVED: Sakaar Map
  18. RESOLVED: KNOWN ISSUE - Maps not tradable
  19. RESOLVED: Tournaments Temporarily Suspended 5/4/2012
  20. Known Issue: History not accessible
  21. RESOLVED: Objects and Sealed Tournaments
  22. RESOLVED: Known Issue: Blob not able to move
  23. RESOLVED: KNOWN ISSUE - Batman not working properly
  24. RESOLVED: Dr. Octopus' Arms not tradeable
  25. Joining a match while queued for a tournament