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  1. Suggestion Box
  2. How about a Line of Fire tool?
  3. Paid Beta Questions
  4. Pricing/Prize discussion and suggestions
  5. Some suggestions on how to improve tournaments
  6. Why I feel "Set Redemption" is absolutely necessary...
  7. Fresh thoughts on a bad situation
  8. Lobbiy(ies) with game description?
  9. You guys are taking too much heat for pricing
  10. Potential UI changes
  11. Heroclix Character Abyss
  12. Attention Wizkids and Heroclix Staff!!!
  13. Private matches
  14. Suggestions
  15. The woes of a Heroclix Noob
  16. Question/comment about prize support.
  17. Horsemen prizes
  18. Suggestion about CB/Accounting
  19. My 2 cents
  20. Tournament Start Times
  21. Organize Friends list
  22. Some Suggestions
  23. Suggestion Threads
  24. Chat Log
  25. Tournament suggestion guys!!!!
  26. Another little thing.
  27. Lobby/ Public matches
  28. Tournaments and late registration
  29. Tournament rating
  30. Gameplay Layout Suggestion(s)
  31. Tourney Suggestion: No Fee / No Prize
  32. Playing to earn figures.
  33. Heroclix figures tranfer to Online
  34. Special unlockable characters
  35. Tournament times,types, and byes
  36. Extend timer when choosing abilities
  37. Chat/Social improvements
  38. new suggestion
  39. Please at least hide the clock in events
  40. All Heroes/Villains Should Be Unique
  41. Play the Dev's/Mods Event
  42. Starting your own Tournament
  43. Boosters vs Sealed
  44. Auction organization
  45. 2 vs. 2
  46. Our forums security
  47. Have an option to turn off water animation and turn on low quality figure models
  48. Paid Beta players should get 1/2 price clix bux
  49. Add indoor and outdoor adventure packs for purchase in store
  50. kill n keep or Giant fig battle
  51. Wager matches
  52. More info on tourney screens
  53. Private match option
  54. Team abilities on dials
  55. TA's and PAC in game!!
  56. Keyword Filter
  57. Suggestions
  58. Bring Back Regular Tournaments!
  59. Some general Suggestions
  60. More Statistical Information Please
  61. Fix the Action Log and better notification when combat dial is changing
  62. Public Matches (ranked)
  63. Create round robin tournaments for tournaments
  64. Need the figure of the day that can be loaned to players to use.
  65. Old Sets Avalability and Priceing
  66. a betting system
  67. Can outbid myself
  68. Heroclix game launch collection?
  69. WizKids - How to make a league (just a thought)
  70. Free Constructed Tournament.
  71. Refresh button (Specially for Auction House)
  72. Free Comic Book Day Giveaway.
  73. No Clix Bases Online?
  74. Auction results suggestion
  75. Don't Compete, Combine.
  76. Any chances of Custom Minis?
  77. Zero cost Rolling tournaments
  78. Smackdown prizes
  79. Being able to interact with the auction while queued for a tourny
  80. players with more than 5 figures on there team that show combat dials on the side
  81. Show CB-status on Top or buttom
  82. Auction pages
  83. Queue Status
  84. Would the Toys without the game still sell for the same price?
  85. Fig sold info
  86. Fis serie info at AH
  87. Low Cost Rolling Constructed.
  88. War Machine?
  89. Objects and hindering terrain
  90. Two Minor Fixes Needed
  91. Matchmaking service based on skill...
  92. Free Tournaments
  93. Animation in the game.
  94. Idea to aliveate boredom
  95. Assorted Suggestions for an Enhanced HC Experience
  96. WTB auction house
  97. The HCO Information Void
  98. Creative way to release IC LE figs
  99. Forfeit needs to award points in tournaments
  100. View Other Player's Figures
  101. Graphic settings
  102. Auction Suggestion
  103. Probability Control Timer
  104. Proxy problems
  105. Single Player!! Single Player!!
  106. Bystander Tokens in 3-D!
  107. Suggestions for next League series? Post them here!
  108. One vs One Games
  109. Plz Plz reconfigure the timer!!
  110. Exclusive Sets
  111. Suggestions From a New Player
  112. Tool suggestions
  113. Format for next League...please endorse it if you like the idea
  114. Team abilities....
  115. Timer Toggle....ON.....OFF Yeah!!
  116. How about a Save or Pause?
  117. Lwer the minimum Clix Bucks purchase.
  118. The Lab Blocking Terrain
  119. Blackest night promo
  120. Superman FF virtual price is a typo, right?????
  121. Mjolnir
  122. dc tournament
  123. Auction house sorting by set/company
  124. DC 75th should be the next DC set on HCO
  125. Character Durablity/ Auction
  126. Possible very small reward for Matches?
  127. LE Trade in program
  128. Important/Momentum
  129. Constructed prizes
  130. Clock
  131. Action Tokens be placed on actual figure on map
  132. Practice
  133. Bots
  134. SCRUB night
  135. IC Constructed for Le's
  136. private match or match invite
  137. How about more Swiss Tournaments
  138. Tourny Final Match when players are ready
  139. Sealed Practice
  140. Auction House Filters
  141. Force building
  142. Forfeits.....
  143. Order of Dials in Game
  144. My Suggestion Ideas
  145. Information is Key!!
  146. Financial Viability Suggestion
  147. Something needs to be done about victory points in swiss
  148. Auction House monitoring.
  149. Team Management
  150. Friend and unfriend people when they are not on.
  151. Team Abilities
  152. Replacement Values Sorting for Defenders, Defend...etc
  153. Using LEs and SR to encourage play
  154. Wallpaper
  155. A "Notes" field in public matches
  156. Endorse if you like this idea (tournaments)
  157. Limit simultaneous AH entries
  158. More ATAs please
  159. Seperation of Generic Keywords and Non-Generic Keywords
  160. Witness MOde
  161. [Auction House] Prevent accidental double bidding
  162. [Auction House] - Do I own the item I am viewing?
  163. Rewind match
  164. [Auction House] Winning/Watching Icons
  165. Trying to help AH....
  166. Auction house log in away from HCO?
  167. Selecting characters for ata's assignment
  168. Would be nice to see.....
  169. [Auction House] Search/Clear buttons reversed
  170. Collection scrn Set Icons sortable?
  171. Known bug list needed
  172. Public filters
  173. Drop down menus from the main game screen
  174. Interface Suggestions
  175. Another payment method, Paypal
  176. FOTW great idea if you made figs people wanted to play
  177. AH Spammer Causing Figs Not to be Shown
  178. Online interface to put in Redemption codes
  179. Raise the Swiss Limits
  180. Team Ability
  181. Lets us give stuff away.
  182. When people drop from a game
  183. What are the chances for...
  184. New Tourni Figure Pull Format
  185. Single Player!
  186. Auction House Search option
  187. Attack animations?
  188. Daily server reboot
  189. Change the cost and reward for swiss constucted
  190. Secret Invasion
  191. Auction House Search option
  192. Fotw
  193. An absolute must that has to be implemented!
  194. Option to let opponent "redo"
  195. Refund or discount for Sakaar
  196. Visible Traits on Dials
  197. Make a popup appear when your character is perplexed by an opponent
  198. Spanish Translate
  199. We need IG Events online.
  200. "classics" sets
  201. Collector's number
  202. 1VS1 tournies
  203. Team Abilities
  204. New Auction toggle suggestions
  205. Suggestions
  206. Load Times on entire collections
  207. A possible way to get new maps.
  208. What happened to H.E.L.P?
  209. Please finish Galactic Guardians gravity feed
  210. Allow multiple people from the same houshold to participate in leagues
  211. More/different match options
  212. Anyone sharing my opinion?
  213. Penalty for rage quitters!!!
  214. Small Summary of Your Team on Match Screen
  215. Auction Improvements
  216. Pausing Game Timer when filling out a Bug Report
  217. Themed constructed tournaments
  218. Someone forget to pay the electric bill?
  219. The disparity of DC Clix online
  220. Rewards
  221. Idea to help bring back players
  222. Compliments
  223. Increase # of Friends
  224. Asgardian ATA
  225. DC Minions/Generics
  226. Team Collector's Sets
  227. Variable Timers
  228. Hey HCO, how about more ATAs?
  229. Filter suggestion
  230. buying clix bucks
  231. Convention Exclusive Apocalypse
  232. New game criterias
  233. Create a game for a friend
  234. Mail System
  235. Filter players
  236. Team Abilities / Wildcard Status / Game Type
  237. Send HCO to a friend
  238. Need more time to pick map!
  239. Match name
  240. Please do not make themed tournaments that require large number of figs
  241. Water Terrain
  242. More filters when building forces
  243. GSX Duo Figs
  244. Tabapps
  245. Auction 'lots'
  246. ATA's Should Be Free
  247. Keywords as links in the auction house
  248. Add a search by rarity option to the AH
  249. Forum Avatars
  250. Theme tournaments and highlander