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  1. Trade anyone?
  2. Valkyrie (Super Rare)
  3. Purpose of this category
  4. Trade clixbux for...?
  5. Trading off Extras
  6. JrShoe's Trading Post
  7. Set of HoT minus chases
  8. Selling full Hammer of Thor set.
  9. Selling Physical Gencon Moonstone and Famine!
  10. Looking for Spidey related Figs
  11. A confused newbie.
  12. Looking to Trade Frog of Thunder
  13. Have real life Clix. Want Online Clix.
  14. IC Figs needed for set(1st Wave)
  15. Hela...I have her, want to trade...
  16. M-11 Im wanting...
  17. Venus - Hammer of Thor
  18. Want/Need/Will trade list
  19. Disguy's Want List
  20. Looking for Songbird
  21. Got an extra Gharskygt for trade
  22. Just made a list
  23. Looking for Skull Brother(s)
  24. Looking for Thorbuster
  25. Selling entire golden Age collection
  26. Bulk prize - 94 IC figs for 900 CB
  27. Superman #55 (and more) for Thorbuster?
  28. Anyone need a unique cyclops
  29. Looking for Ant-Man & Yellowjacket IC LEs, will buy others
  30. i have for trade
  31. Some odds and ends I'm looking for.
  32. My Trade List
  33. Will buy IC LE's
  34. Trade List
  35. trading?
  36. Looking to buy Thor, The Reigning
  37. Looking for HoT Cap!
  38. Looking for HOT Ultron
  39. Looking to buy a few figures
  40. PUPPET MASTER 42pts.
  41. Looking for Odin and/or Surtur
  42. Selling of Dupes
  43. Comic Alliance TV
  44. War Machine
  45. Looking for...
  46. War Machine
  47. Wnat to buty Thor's Chariot...
  48. Looking for HoT Captain America
  49. i need a venom
  50. WTB Samantha Parrington!
  51. I'll buy IC and HoT LE's
  52. Leaping Hulk LE
  53. Pulled a Thorbuster God Pack, want War Machine
  54. Traxlenak's Trade Emporium
  55. Looking for Gharskygt
  56. Thor, the Reigning
  57. Looking for Dr. Strange Galactic Guardians 206
  58. Right about now, a funk skull-brother
  59. Looking for Skull-Brother!
  60. Looking for Gabriel Jones
  61. Looking for Gabriel and Tia
  62. Have Son of Surtur, Want Sam Parrington
  63. AVM figures
  64. War Machine for sale
  65. Clix for sale
  66. Foomonkey HCO Trade
  67. FS: Avengers Movie Gravity Feed
  68. Looking for a Skullbuster
  69. Captain America, Thorbuster, Thor Frog, Odin and Ultron for sale
  70. GSX Trade List
  71. Have Phoenix, Want Deadpool
  73. Have/Wants
  74. Outsider's Trade List
  75. Have War Machine.... Want GSX/WoS Srs & LEs
  76. Have: War Machine Want: New SR/LE/Chase
  77. PM me you're codes
  78. Auction House price vs options
  79. Have: CBs. Want: Ice Cube Cap.
  80. Want Archangel, have Deadpool etc.
  81. Seeking TAROT
  82. Capwolf
  83. For Trade: AVM set with Chase Loki
  84. W: Rookie Vulture from IC
  85. Have: GSX SR Wolverine Want: Doc Ock
  86. Looking for Madame Hydra
  87. Want Black Panther
  88. 3rd map terrain and props
  89. Have Rojhaz looking for
  90. Looking for the Captain America set chases
  91. H: IceCap, Phoenix, W: Mighty Thorr, Magneto
  92. Want Chase Red Skull and Capwolf
  93. Have 250 Chase Odin want Capwolf or Red Skull
  94. Trade or Sell Me These Figures
  95. H: Bob, Agent of Hydra // W: Karima or Gabe Jones
  96. HAVE: Tabapp Avengers/X-men pieces. Want: Various
  97. H Odin,Weapon X, Punnisher, Icehulk W: Capwolf
  98. Value Check: HoH Chases
  99. Have Thor's Chariot, Ice Cap Weapon X. Want Chase Red Skull and HoH
  100. My Have/Want Thread
  101. H: Batman Family FF; W: GG Namor, Doom
  102. W: X-Force ATA, H: Fast Forces
  103. Want Hulkmariner... Have Mighty Thorr, Mags, more
  104. W: Jack O'Lantern Object // H: Other Objects
  105. H: Capwolf W: Red Skull Chase
  106. W: Samantha Parrington LE // H: Other LEs
  107. Looking to finish my sets.
  108. My have/want list
  109. tabapp avengers codes for dc codes.
  110. Trade me
  111. W: Marvel Knights ATA // H: X-Force ATA
  112. H: Thorbuster W: Cable LE OR 300cb OR Deadpool LE + 150 cb
  113. I want a Domino !!
  114. Looking to buy your extra figures.
  115. Avengers Movie Iron Man
  116. Value Check: Thor's Mighty Chariot
  117. Yellowjacket
  118. Finaly i have a have list
  119. Looking for IC LEs
  120. Looking for Chase Redskull
  121. tradeable figs
  123. LuckyMusolino's Trade & Sale Thread
  124. H: MoS Starter; W: Frost Giant Champ, Nick Fury
  125. W: The might of Hercules
  126. W; IC V sabretooth
  127. Lf x-23!
  128. Trades
  129. H: LE Frog of Thunder; W: A Few Options
  130. W: Lizard,cloak,Dagger
  131. Newly returned and after figs from the past year
  132. H: SR Horseman Wolverine W: Lots
  133. My Trade list
  134. Ghost Rider
  135. Lookin' fo' a Supaboi
  136. Looking for IC LEs
  137. Trading Chase Red Skull
  138. my nice, generic trade list
  139. Looking for some stuff.
  140. Top trades
  141. New player buying all kinds of figures
  142. Morgan Le Fay
  143. List of trades
  144. My Trades
  145. Need IC LEs
  146. Looking for Lilandra
  147. The Web of Trading
  148. Ravager up for grabs
  149. Deathstroke
  150. Thor:The Darkword iTunes download for trade/sell
  151. Last year's clix