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Stephen 03-11-2011 04:41 PM

Remember to submit all bugs through the internal system
Hey everyone, this forum is primarily so everyone can keep abreast of known issues and potential fixes for particular computer issues.

That is to say, you can mention bugs you're having here, but this is not the primary place to report them. Please use the HCO internal Bug reporting tool* to submit all issues, do not just report them here.

Our QA and programmers will find it much easier to address issues if they enter through the primary channel rather than trying to cull submitted vs. non-submitted issues in this forum.

So as we begin dealing with issues found by this new larger batch of testers, please be extra-diligent to make sure everything is getting reported through the primary channel (aka, the internal bug reporting feature).


*The internal bug reporting tool can be accessed via "Report Bug" at the top right menu in the lobby or via the circled B in the upper right during a match.

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