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Default Lots of Bugs

1) Peanut-based figures turn in a way that they are not in their correct squares when attacking in a still position from where there already are. (ESP Ghost Rider)

2) Flurry/BCF - If you have a figure that has flurry with bcf, and the 1st attack you chose to use bcf, but the 2nd attack you choose not to use them, the 2nd attack deals ZERO damage!!!!??? (multiple tries with different figures...Wolfsbane was one for sure)

3) Red She Hulk... +1 damage even when she doesn't have an object. It doesn't look like it at 1st, but she's always dealing 5 damage from click 1, even without any objects. Shows 4 on 1st screen, but 5 on 2nd...she deals 5.

4) Wasp's (77 point) Incap power doesn't deal penetrating damage unless you give the figure a 2nd action token.

5) Perplex has not been going away when the Perplexer takes damage. At least, defensively speaking.

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