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EE works like this, step by step
Declare its use (I am taking a ranged combat action, using EE)
Declare targets (for this example, the shooter has one ranged attack)
For this example, the primary target has 16 defence, and has 3 characters adjacent, having 15, 16 and 17 defence, respectively
I roll to hit
Let's say my total attack roll is 15. I do not hit the primary target so all are missed. Even though my roll was sufficient to hit 15 Defence, I did not hit the primary target so I do not get to check to see if I hit the adjacent ones
If I roll a 16, I hit the main target. Now I check all adjacent characters to see if this would also hit their defence. In my example I would hit the 15 and the other 16, missing the 17. 15, 16 & 16 are all dealt one damage because each was hit once.
If I roll a 17 or more, I hit all the listed adjacent characters and they are all dealt one, as above.

Important things to remember
Must hit primary target
Secondary targets must be adjacent

With multiple ranged attack, you can target multiple characters. And, if they are adjacent, can be the primary and secondary targets of two different arrows.

In essence if 3 figures are in line. A B C in squares. You Target A and C.

Hit both A and C then check if you hit B A takes 1 damage B takes 2 Damage C Takes 1 Damage.

If it is A and B and Both are hit they both take 2 Damage.
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