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I am not lost. I have used the AE nemerous times and it works very well.

Just so everyone understands I will explain in detail what I did. I feilded 2 Hal's and 2 AE GL's.

I Pushed a hal untill it had AE power and the game would not let me AE as I had no AE GL "currently" in my collection(they were both on my force).

Now this is proper.

After this I had my opponent kill one of my AE GL's. Then I tryed to AE into GL with Hal and it still wouldn't let me. Now I understand that the computer dosen't see that I have a AE GL now that he's been KO'd. It still recognises that he's in my force but as I understand how the power works in Real life you should be able to AE now that he's not on your force(ie KO'd)
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