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Default "What is a good fig ?"

That is the question I've been asked by a new player. I'll try to summarize my thoughts on the subject here, so it can help more players.

In Heroclix there are two sort of utilities for a fig. Either they can attack or they can help other figs. I'll call the first attackers and the second supporters. Of course some figs can do both.

1. Attack powers

There are two type of combat distances : ranged and close.

A fig in HC needs to get into combat easily, and preferably fast, so as to strike first. Positioning will be key, but the power set is essential.

There are 4 standard powers and 1 ability that will allow your characters to move and attack without outside help :

- Running Shot : allows a character to move and shoot. Great ability. Best combos : Psy Blast, Precision Strike, Pulse Wave (when you understand how best to use that one). Very good examples are Moonstone, Victor Mancha, Starbolt, and some versions of Iron Man or Thor.
When you are in position Ranged Combat Expert will help, but it doesn't combo with RS.

- Charge : allows a character to move and make a close combat action. Close combat is usually less good than range, but it's good for characters with Super Strength. Some characters have special powers that allow to make a longer Charge, like The Thing or AVm 255 pts Hulk. That's usually pretty good. When you are at close Close COmbat Expert will help, but it doesn't combo with Charge.

- Hypersonic Speed : arguably the best offensive power in the game. It allows you to move, attack either at range or close, and finish your movement ! That means you can attack and retreat in one move. Great and abusable power. Most Superman have it, I recommend SM starter Superman (150 pts) and Supergirl. Nightcrawler is one of the most broken figs in the game because he can HSS even through walls, and then take back his victim with him.

- Sidestep
isn't really a move and attack power, more like a positioning power, but it can be used to that effect too. In that sense it isn't a great power. Makes a great trait though, and outside characters like Lilandra that can give Sidestep to another figure can really make a difference.

- Move and Attack ability : used by transporters. Ghost Rider or the 115 pts Iceman have those and are great figs.

The other move powers all have their uses, but I never play without having at least some of the options above. Stealth has its uses, but as we'll see later it can be countered too easily to base all your strategy upon it.

You'll also have to watch out for figs that can attack through others or be moved / placed by others : they're usually pretty good, some will even say broken. I'm thinking of Nightcrawler, Fantomex, Warstar, Professor X (123 pts), or Shi'ar / X-Men with Lilandra.

2. Defense Powers

If you can be attacked, then you have to defend. Those powers will therefore be key to your survival.

- Damage reducers :
Toughness is the smallest one but is useful and usually doesn't bring the cost of the fig up too much. Invulnerability is good, of course Impervious is better as it gives you a chance to soak all the damage up. Invincible is bad against figs doing 2 damage, and very good against big damage ; its edge over Impervious is that it is immune to penetrating damage like Psy Blast.

- Evading powers : Super Senses can be pretty frustrating for the opponent but relies on your luck. Mastermind can be good but sacrifices another fig, I don't recommend it under normal circumstances. Both are vulnerable to Precision Strike, a power that you can expect to see more and more in the game.

- Bonus powers : Energy Shield / Deflection and Combat Reflexes give conditional bonuses. Obviously ES/D is good against range, so useful mainly for a shooter. Combat Reflexes is especially great in stealthy / Batman TA figs like Black Canary or Psylocke : makes them impossible to hit from range (except by some figs or teams) and hard to hit at close. Even better if they can move through Hindering (like flyers, or X-Force team members with the ATA).

3. Supporting powers

- Support, obviously. Helps heal your figs. I recommend Alfred Pennyworth and Donald Blake (who can also transform into Thor !). The X-Men or Titans Team Abilities also can heal to some extent (great combo with WatX Wolverine, who can regenerate every turn).

- Probability Control is the one I NEVER play without. Even when I have team PC. Scarlet Witch is probably the rest, as she can use many others too (see below). Striclty for PC Roulette will do the job at a mere 35 pts. Amadeus Cho can do that and Outwit (see below), 75 pts Prof X does the job and a bit more, Longshot is a nice tertiary attacker that helps his teammates. Last but not least, the Superman mentionned above also has his own PC.

- Outwit is probably the best supporting power, as it can cancel any power of the target. Amadeus Cho has a limited version of it, Batgirl has it on second click (and will require pushing) but is only 25 pts but costs quite a few CBs, and Howard Stark will fit nicely for 33 pts. Of course the old Black Panthers are still classics after all this time, for 27 or 36 pts, but will be hard to get.

- Perplex is a must in some teams, as it will boost the stats you need the most at the time. I recommend 50 pts Wasp (who can push into Outwit), Tony Stark who can help your armored guys, or Bruce Wayne who can also use...

- Telekinesis : a key power, that will help you position. It is currently the only way (apart from special powers) to attack after having been transported. Your fig isn't considered as having moved by itself, so it can still move and attack, or use RCE / CCE, etc. The cheapest fig in the game is, since the beginning of Heroclix, Jean Grey. But she'll be very hard to find. Scarlet Witch at 75 pts does PC, Perplex and TK. Bruce Wayne does Perplex and TK. Psylocke is a great TK that can double as tertiary attacker and is hard to hit, but she'll take her time coming into the melee. Storm is more mobile, but less pushable.

Of course there are lots of other powers out there, but I think those are the powers you'll want, and some of the figs you'll need to have competitive fun in HCO.

4. Stats

Of course, the powers aren't everything, and the stats are essential for a fig. Here is what you'll have to be looking for :

- Attack : an average attack nowadays is 9. So 10+ is good, and 8- is not. A fig with 11 or 12 can hit pretty much everyone. Remember that the average roll is 7.

- Defense : 17 is average. 16 is pretty easy to hit, 18 hard. Remember that a fig in hindering has +1 Defense Value from range. Of course Defense powers will help your character's survival.

- Damage : 3 is nice, 2 without a damage power can't hurt Invincible, 1 can't hurt Toughness. 4+ is pretty good, especially combined with Super Strength and co.

- Range : 6 is low, 7-8 is average and usually good enough.

- Indomitable will allow your characters to act twice without pushing, which is a pretty big advantage. Willpower is good too of course, but Indom is on all the dial and doesn't take the slot of another defense power.

- Sharpshooter can help your, well, shooters, but it doesn't make a fig good in itself. Most sharpshooters aren't bad though.

- Of course, clix depth is essential. Nowadays many figs just have 6 clix, which is short. 7+ is better. 5 and less is very short and you shouldn't as a rule play such figs if they cost more than 75 pts, and especially not attackers (supporters having few clicks is fine if they're really useful). Also watch out for figs that only have a few useful clix and fall fast, they might well be overpriced.

You'll notice I haven't talked about Movement. This is because it doesn't make a huge difference in itself, it all depends on the powers, what the fig is supposed to do etc. Mainly watch for the rest for now.

5. Team Abilities

Yes, they can be vital to your team. The main ones IMO will be :

- Batman TA : stealth is good for you. But that is also the reason why the following are must-play :

- Superman / Avengers Initiative : allows you to see through stealth. Never play a team based on ranged attackers which can't do that. When I play the 98pts Wildcard Hawkeye I usually add someone with A.I. somewhere in the mix...

- Mystics : a very abusable TA, as it can be copied. Scarlet Witch (again !) is a great and cheap option. 220 pts Loki is nice too. Mystics go well with a healer.

Defenders : good if you build your team around it, preferably if you can copy an 18 Defense (like Groot's).

Power Cosmic : of course a great ability, usually very costly for the fig.

Wildcards :
as they can copy all of the above and more, Minions of Doom, Spider-Man, Calculators and (not online) LoSH are great TAs.

In conclusion :

This seems like a lot to watch for. And it is. But you'll soon get the hang of it, and the above should help you better comprehend the key elements of the game.

Hope that helps,


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I read you whole article in my mind as voiced by Steve Irwin.

Good job covering the basics. Maybe add a section toward the bottom where you list a few essential figures, and why they're essential, to tie the whole thing together.
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Originally Posted by lvclix View Post
I read you whole article in my mind as voiced by Steve Irwin.

Good job covering the basics. Maybe add a section toward the bottom where you list a few essential figures, and why they're essential, to tie the whole thing together.

Yes, I thought about that, maybe I'll do it another time. I already mention a few important figs. I thought maybe a listing of the starters and FF would be a way to go.
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