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Old 02-12-2014, 07:59 PM
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Exclamation Actions Not Reported in Action Log

The following actions are not reported in the actual Action Log:
  • Relic rolls (Relic in question, character making the attempt, d6 result)
  • Special Power usage (by name)
  • Wildcarding team abilities (team ability being copied)

Please add these to the Action Log. It makes no sense to only document attack rolls or basic actions.

A temporary on-screen notification for these actions-- usually occurring only for the player taking them-- is not sufficient, as some do not use in-game Chat to communicate/respond ("Did Character N pick up the relic?"), or a player may step away when the action(s) in question occur (thereby missing the on-screen notification that disappears after 2 seconds).

Also, allowing the ability to save the Action Log to local storage (like Universal in-game Chat) would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You

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