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Old 01-17-2014, 09:06 AM
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Lightbulb Fear Itself: Tanarus' Missing Trait / Mighty Revert

Two issues:

Originally Posted by Tanarus
THERE IS NO THOR ONLY TANARUS: If a friendly character named Thor of equal or higher points is not on its starting click, you may give that character a power action and replace it with Tanarus the same number of clicks from his starting line. This trait can be used when Tanarus is not on the map.
This trait is not showing on Tanarus' preview.

Also, when a friendly Thor with a point value of 120 or higher is on the map and not on its first click (1), the option to replace Thor with Tanarus does not appear.

Was this ability excluded?

Originally Posted by Fear Itself/Spider-Man
MIGHTY REVERT SPIDER-MAN: When turning the dial, if this click is revealed due to damage taken from an opponent's attack, stop turning the dial. Give Spider-Man a free action and replace him with a figure with the same name and less points that's the same number of clicks from its starting line. That character can't be given an action this turn and modifies its attack and damage values by +1 for the rest of the game. This power can't be ignored.
I was only given the option to choose one Spider-Man from my collection (IC150 U Spider-Man @ 116 pts) to Revert to, despite also having another that would qualify (asm201 @ 75 pts). I did not have a chance to test Mighty Revert out with Black Widow and Wolverine, but the same issue may be occurring.

All of the following characters are legal Revert options, as they feature lower point values and have dials with 6 or more active click numbers:

FI BLACK WIDOW (109 pts)
AVM007 (50), AVM036 (35)
CA006 (85), CA206 (60)

FI SPIDER-MAN (120 pts)
ASM201 (75)
TAB M-007 (78), TAB M-008 (99)
WS007 (78), WS022 (95)
IC070 (61), IC071 (82), IC072 (110), IC150 (116)

FI WOLVERINE (130 pts)
WXM001 (100)
TAB M-004 (100)
GSXFF004 (75)
GSX009 (103), GSX052 (99)
WS043 (105)
IC073 (44), IC074 (61), IC075 (75), IC149 (64), IC171 (70)

Bug reports have been sent. Thank You

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