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Old 03-14-2011, 11:36 AM
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Default Bug Reporting Examples

Can someone break down all the Bug Types and how to code them
I just want to code the bugs properly
I don't have the game infront of me but there are like 10 choices
for example
Bug Type: Exploit
Bug Type: text
and so on

it would help me and probably others code stuff better
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Old 03-14-2011, 12:37 PM
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Good idea! I'm moving this to the bugs forum and sticking it.

Animation/Particle: Is there anything problematic in how an art asset moves or displays a particle effect? (Right now, particle effects are very limited: think glows and electricity.)

Exploit: Please use this for any game system that is working as intended but you can think of a way that a player might use it to game the system: e.g., odd interactions with prompts, weird use of timers, etc.

Object/Map: Is there a problem with the layout of a map vs. the official layout? Is something displaying weird or causing a bug based on map layout or objects on the map?

Game Crash: Please use this category if your game crashed to desktop. Be EXPLICIT as to exactly what you can remember happening when you crashed. Try not to editorialize: give us a detailed step by step of everything that was going on, rather than your best guess as to what caused it. Often, crashes are because of obscure system bugs rather than the most obvious culprit, and having all the details helps us find the real cause.

Graphics (In Match): Is there anything going wrong with the 3D graphics that doesn't fit another category?

Graphics (UI): Is there anything going wrong graphically with the UI?

Sounds: Is there a bugged sound (e.g., weird looping, getting stuck playing a noise, strange volume shifts, etc.)?

User Camera: Please use this only for examples where you lost control of your camera or it otherwise got into a non-standard state without your input. Camera suggestions should go in the suggestions thread, not as a bug.

Text/Typo: Is there text that is clearly mistyped (e.g., misspelled, funky characters, etc.)?

Text (Accuracy): Is there text that differs from the official rules?

Rules Interaction: This will likely be the catchall bug category: use it for anything where two game rules interacted in a way that you didn't expect it would happen in the real world (e.g., one power makes another unavailable, an ability cannot be countered, etc.).

Character Implementation: Is there a number, power, or ability appearing on a character that is incorrect compared to official stats? (Please also check to see if this error is consistent across the in-game dial, the in-game card, and the collections card: if it's not wrong in all three places, it may not be an implementation bug, but something more insidious).

Match: Did you have problems beginning, joining, or setting up a match?

Tournament: Did you have problems beginning, joining, or setting up a tournament?

Store: Did you have problems buying things from the store?

Auction House: Did you have problems getting the auction house to work as expected?

Figure Management: Did you have problems opening boosters/bricks or managing your collection and forces?

What goes for crashes goes to a lesser extent for every bug: please resist the urge to editorialize. Unless the issue is a very clear problem of a rule not being interpreted right or a setup/typo problem, it's more helpful for you to be explicit and list everything you can think of that happened around the bug than to only tell us what you think caused it. Many bugs happen because of hidden interactions of code, and may not be because of what seems most obvious. By providing us more information, it may allow us to notice trends across similar bugs that might be the real culprit.

Also, just to restate again: the bugs forum is not the primary place to report bugs. We're quickly reaching a point where we may not be able to itemize everything that gets posted here, especially in a way that makes sure we miss nothing. Please help us out by making sure you use our internal bug submission tool, which enters bugs into our queue and makes sure they get looked at.
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Old 03-15-2011, 08:09 PM
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As a related question, what about the other fields in the bug report window? Having a list of them would have been helpful before I reported my first bug, and I'm still uncertain about a few of them. For instance, what am I supposed to put in "character name"? At first, I thought that was for the figure related to the bug being reported, but now I'm thinking that "character name" is probably a holdover from testing the MMO and it's supposed to be where I put my screen name.
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Old 03-16-2011, 10:11 AM
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It is a holdover from the MMO bug form, but if you have a bug with a specific HeroClix character, it wouldn't hurt to put the name there. Otherwise, you can put your forum name. The important thing is just that we have an email address to follow up with you.

I'll look into detailing the other fields.
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