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Lightbulb Tutorial 1: Basic HeroClix Quickstart

HeroClix is a collectable miniatures game of superhero battles.

To get started, assemble a team of your favorite heroes or villains. Each character has a point value: you add the total values of all characters on your Force to determine how powerful a team it is. Your opponent will assemble a force of similar power.

Each character has a Clix Dial that displays Combat Values and Powers. Whenever that character is injured, the dial is clicked down, potentially revealing different strengths. Some characters start out strong and get weaker as they are damaged. Others become stronger the madder they get. Most characters have different strengths at different places on their dial, changing how you should best use them as they take damage.

The character’s dial reveals four dynamic Combat Values and one fixed Combat Value:
  • Speed is how many squares the character can travel when it is allowed to move. In HeroClix, all eight squares around the character, even diagonal ones, cost the same amount of movement to enter (though obstacles may sometimes block your way).
  • Attack is the number added to your to-hit rolls for that character when you target another character. To-hit rolls are always two 6-sided dice plus Attack value. Some powers and abilities may let you modify or reroll to hit rolls.
  • Defense is the number a character must meet or exceed on a to-hit roll to affect this character. A high Defense means that a character will be hard to hurt.
  • Damage is the number of clicks a target will lose on a successful to-hit roll. There are several powers that can reduce damage, so make sure your character will actually be able to hurt your target!
  • Range is the distance, in squares, at which you can affect a target when using Ranged Combat attacks. Obstacles such as walls, buildings, or other characters may prevent you from having Line of Fire to the target, however, even if you have enough Range. If the character has more than one lightning bolt next to the Range value, that means it can affect more than one target at range with a single to-hit roll, and then distribute the damage between the ones successfully hit.
Additionally, the character’s dial may display up to four colored boxes around the Combat Values. These indicate that the character currently has access to a Power. Look at the character’s card to see which Powers are available. For example, a character with a red box around the Attack value has access to the Blades/Claws/Fangs Power. Powers give the character new action options or provide capabilities to react differently to attacks.

Finally, some characters have different symbols for their Combat Values, which indicate special Abilities possessed by the character. For example, a wing symbol instead of a boot for Speed means that the character can fly, and will be able to avoid many obstacles when moving. Like Powers, having Abilities will enable new options for the character’s actions or reactions.

Once a match begins, your force will appear at one side of a map covered in obstacles, and your opponent’s will appear at the other side. You’ll navigate your characters around the map so they can take best advantage of their strengths while minimizing their weaknesses. Your goal is to “KO” all your opponent’s characters before your own team is eliminated. Learn your dials, plan your strategy, and make best use of your force and you can become a master of HeroClix!
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