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Old 04-08-2013, 01:17 PM
pvthudson pvthudson is offline
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Default How do tournaments work? Also is this still a beta?

Hello all

new player here. I have found the community to be very nice. Thanks for all the help.

I was wondering if this application is still in beta? I dont see it advertised too much on the Heroclix site and people seem to not know about it. I would figure with the popularity of Clix the lobbies would be stuffed each night. Although I guess the fun is getting out and playing people face to face

On to that. How do the tournaments work? You sign up and pay a buy in fee and then you get sealed boosters if that is what you signed up for? Do you get to keep those mini's I take it?
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Old 04-08-2013, 10:14 PM
Faxan Faxan is offline
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Hey Pvthudson and welcome to HCO!

For the sealed tournaments you'll initially press Lobby > Tournaments > Select the tournament you would like to participate in from the Rolling section (top) > Wait for three other players to join.

When browsing the tournaments, you can click on each tournament and see some details such as: the point limit, Booster Packs Required (this only applies to Sealed tournaments) which details what types of figures you can receive from the tournament, and you can click on Prizes to see what is up for grabs.

Once there are 4 players registered then the registration fee will be taken from your account, you will see the tournament shifted down to the Scheduled section and you will be able to start building your team with the 10 figures you receive, which you do get to keep, win or lose.
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