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Old 09-06-2013, 09:18 PM
lifespoon lifespoon is offline
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Default HC Veteran trying out HCO

So i downloaded this game after not playing HC in literally years (probably about 6 haha), i had to stop as i could not afford to buy figures anymore :/ still have all my LE's and majority of figures that i won from tournaments !

Anyway, history aside, how does the game run? i noticed it lags whatever im doing if i tab out, even on lowest and i by no means have a weak computer, i recently built it for hardcore gaming but this is the only thing that lags it o.O

but mostly i want to know if the interface gives you all the information etc

Also do you really have to buy into tournaments and buy boosters? tournaments used to be free as far as i knew, we never really did sealed BECAUSE it would cost and no one really was interested. i mean i spent a ton back in the day and i just know how big a hole in the pocket this hobby can take, im sure we all do XD i was hoping it had some kinda play for points method or whatever?

anyway, i cant buy clixbux and want to know if there are any other ways of gaining figs? i mean i love my clix but they are rather useless to me now, no tournaments near me, no one i know plays, and they are all horrendously outdated D:

would suck to have to repurchase my collection just to be able to play again T_T

Edit: upon browsing the store theres seems to be a landslide of mahvel and barely any dc D:? are they adding dc over time or are they just not putting more dc in? i mean marvels good but ive always been a dc guy ;D

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Old 09-06-2013, 11:12 PM
Faxan Faxan is offline
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Hey lifespoon,

If you're having issues with lag then our first suggestion is to make sure your video card driver and Flash is updated. If you still have the issue and meet our specs then please send in a DxDiag to the email address listed in the Support page and give as many details as possible (Ex. when you run into the issue, what you were doing, etc.) and we'll have it looked at.

While all of the current tournaments have a registration fee associated with them, there are times when we have free constructed tournaments for special promotions, so keep an eye out on the forums and the email blasts we send out for those. When you join a tournament, the fee listed in the Cost section includes the price of the boosters for the Sealed tournaments.

There is a Trade feature in-game (right-click a name in the chat window or from the People tab), and both parties must give something (figure/object/ata/map and/or Clix Bux) in order to complete the trade. You mentioned you haven't played in a few years, but some of the physical sets that have been released recently include codes in them that allow you to redeem them in HCO and claim figures, they say "Online Enhanced" on the package, with info about that here.

Marvel and DC figures are continuing to be added to the game and we use the forums and email blasts to let you all know when they become available .
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Old 09-06-2013, 11:29 PM
lifespoon lifespoon is offline
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Join Date: Sep 2013
Posts: 6

thanks for the fast reply, unfortunately i havent bought figures in over 5 years so i doubt ill have any online codes anywhere haha, but thank you for the info, if i ever impulse buy some ill keep it in mind (that said i dont have shelf space for more, still have my old ones XD)

and ill definately be keeping a look out for free tournies, as i said i cant spend any money on this game and probably cant for a few months but ill hang around i guess ^^

edit: i never bought them but saw them come out after i stopped playing, are they bringing halo clix to hco?

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Old 09-07-2013, 12:44 AM
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Hey & welcome to HCO.
If you check some old post here in the forums you can see that there're some nice players here who gives freebies to new players. Others in chat will also give some free figs to new players, just try to talk nicely & look for new friends in the game chat.
Have fun!

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